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Our Logo


We are excited to introduce you to Jimi Bordeaux, a talented graphic designer based in Irvine, California, who was responsible for designing the captivating Autism In Entertainment logo. In this video, Jimi takes us through the creative process he used to bring the logo to life.

The creation of this logo and the accompanying video were made possible through a generous grant from the Department of Developmental Services. We are grateful for their support in promoting inclusivity and raising awareness about autism in the entertainment industry.

Not only did Jimi contribute his expertise to this project, but it was also directed, edited, and shot by Joshua Copelan, a filmmaker who is also on the autism spectrum. Working alongside Joshua was producer Paul Hemstreet, providing guidance and ensuring the video’s success.

We would also like to acknowledge the contribution of Bradly Shaw, another filmmaker on the spectrum, and Daisy Reyna for their additional camera work. The animated logo was created by Carter Capps and the logo-morphing sequence was built by Gustavo Hemstreet. Together, this talented team has delivered a visually stunning and informative video that showcases the passion and creativity behind the Autism In Entertainment logo.