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The Autism In Entertainment Conference, is a groundbreaking event that will take place on Friday, April 5, 2024 at the prestigious Skirball Cultural Center. This one-day, in-person conference will be bringing together industry leaders and advocates to explore ways to bridge the gap between the ASD community and the entertainment industry. Our goal is to provide a platform that will empower individuals with ASD to showcase their talent and creativity, and to help them find meaningful employment opportunities within the entertainment industry. Join us in breaking down the barriers and supporting autism in entertainment!

The conference is being organized by the Autism In Entertainment Working Group, led by the Orange County Asperger’s Support Group with support from Zavikon an employment agency whose mission is to place neurodivergent individuals and those with disabilities in career-oriented, meaningful jobs, and they utilize a supported placement model to set both employer and employee up for success. The conference is funded by a Department of Developmental Services (DDS) Grant designed to help Regional Center consumers find employment.

Conference Goals

The conference is expected to draw more than 300 attendees consisting of adults with ASD and their families, prospective entertainment industry employers, and job enablers. For employers, the goals are to learn about:
  • abilities and skills of adults with ASD to actively contribute to employer goals and productivity.
  • workplace environment and hiring techniques that support successful hiring and employment of adults with ASD.

  • For adults with ASD, to learn about:
  • employers who seek to increase neurodiversity at their companies and to provide them with an opportunity to showcase their skills to employers.
  • job enablers and how they can help with their job search, motivation, and career development.
  • educational/training programs to prepare for a career in entertainment.
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